EastSide Greenways

EastSide Greenways was founded by EastSide Partnership as the vehicle for the delivery of the Connswater Community Greenway. Established as a charity, EastSide Greenways recognises the potential to build on the success of the Connswater Community Greenway. As a catalyst for ongoing regeneration it will make all of east Belfast a greener, safer and cleaner place to be, while continuing to connect people and places. EastSide Greenways mission is…

“To encourage the use and enjoyment of parks, gardens, rivers and off-road transport routes in east Belfast. To promote the sustainable planning, design, management, maintenance and improvement of green spaces for the benefit of the public”.

Building on the success of Connswater Community Greenway, one of only three projects in the UK to be awarded ‘Living Landmark’ status, EastSide Greenways intends to in­fluence and explore the potential for a wider network of Greenways across east Belfast linking people and places to a city wide and regional network.

EastSide Greenways strategic objectives are:

  1. To ensure the sustainability of the Connswater Community Greenway as a living landmark.
  2. To promote the potential for and facilitate the delivery of a wider ‘EastSide Greenways’ network.
  3. To maximise the potential of the Connswater Community and EastSide Greenways to contribute to EastSide’s overarching strategy to deliver social and economic benefit, and enhanced health and well being.
  4. To use the Connswater Community and EastSide Greenways as a catalyst for economic regeneration in east Belfast.
  5. Create new opportunities and promote well – being through the active engagement of local communities and the wider public.
  6. To enhance and conserve the environment along the Connswater Community and EastSide Greenways.