EastSide Greenways Event

Alternative Protestants: Identity and Imagination in east Belfast

This panel discussion will explore the diverse ways in which Protestants from east Belfast approach cultural, religious and political identity.

It will draw on themes developed in Claire Mitchell’s new book, The Ghost Limb: Alternative Protestants and the Spirit of 1798. The book delves into alternative stories of Protestant belonging, including religious dissent, Irishness and left-wing politics. It uses the prism of 1798 and the United Irishmen to raise questions about Protestant diversity and radicalism over time, and to give voice to this tradition in present day Northern Ireland.

The panel participants are Claire Mitchell, Linda Ervine and Kellie Turtle.

Date and Time: 20 November 2022 7:00 pm
Price: Pay what you want
Location: EastSide Visitor Centre