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Need ideas and a great space for a day out or activity? The Greenway is so much more than a park. It can be a place to learn, a place to explore, a place to perform or a day out in nature. The Eastside Greenway team can help you organise an engaged and fulfilling activity if you are a school, youth group, or healthcare organisation.

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"I have been able to connect and get to know a number of people over the time I have been involved and enjoy the volunteering experience. It has also been good to be able to give my views and know I am being listened too."~Wilma

Meet Robert!

“Any time I’m speaking to people, I’m telling them all about the Greenway and they’ll come down here and say this is the best Greenway and they’ve really enjoyed themselves.

It makes me proud to be from East Belfast”


Community events on the Greenway

We deliver a calendar of free activities and events to choose from year around at the Greenway. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, yogi or park runner, you can find something to brighten your week. Better still, most of them are free!

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Greenway Champions

Become part of a very special community, allowing us to continue to support ongoing work to maintain the Greenway as the amazing place it is for everyone to enjoy.

How can I make a difference?

By supporting our Great Greenway Give initiative, you are supporting the sustainability of the Connswater Community Greenway as a resource for those living in East Belfast. Your support allows us to continue our work to make sure the Greenway is well maintained, safe, accessible and welcome to all who use it.

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